Are you a Supplier?

Create More Impact

Become a certified social enterprise on Fwd and sell your goods and services to impact-driven organisations.

Unlocking procurement spend from organisations, who are already buying goods and services from organisations like you is what Fwd is all about.

Access a new market

By becoming a certified supplier you’ll be listed on a procurement platform used by some of New Zealand’s leading organisations, all of which are wanting to use their purchasing power for good.

Increase brand awareness

As a certified social enterprise, you’ll increase your brand awareness within a business-to-business market. Use your certification to grow your social enterprise.

Create customer confidence

The fwd: certification mark builds credibility and confidence with Buyers to trade with you. Be part of changing procurement in NZ.

Why become certified?

Becoming certified allows your social enterprise to be added to the fwd: platform and gain exposure to a market of organisations looking to make impact using their supply chains.

What does being certified mean?

The Fwd certification mark enables you to demonstrate your credibility to buying organisations.

How do I get my social enterprise certified?

What fwd: needs to know is:

1. Who your organisation is,
2. What goods/services you offer, capability and experience,
3. Your purpose and impact
4. Supporting legal and financial information

Become a Fwd thinking Supplier


"I’m so excited about the potential that Fwd has to grow not only my social enterprise, but also my impact."

Joseph Youssef,
All Heart NZ