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Spend the same
dollar twice

For every dollar you spend through fwd:, you know you’re purchasing for impact.

If you’re a private or Government organisation, seeking to leverage greater value from the goods and services you purchase,  then fwd: is for you. Align your procurement process to your values and become an industry leader by making a conscious decision to support businesses doing good.

Create impact though procurement

When you purchase goods and services through fwd: you’ll be able to see the deeper impact you’re creating. Track the impact each purchase gets you and move beyond traditional CSR programmes to transformative commercial partnerships.

Support your local economy

Reinvest into to the New Zealand economy. By supporting local businesses, you’ll be enabling social enterprises to create more jobs and grow their enterprises to create even more impact.

Access a wide variety of suppliers

With social enterprises for a variety of goods and services, fwd: has all your procurement needs covered. All listed suppliers on fwd: are certified social enterprises.

How does fwd: work?


Express interest in becoming a buyer and joining the handful of pioneering New Zealand organisations who are creating impact with their procurement spend.


Browse the marketplace, save organisations into custom lists and once you’ve found the right one, make contact and get buying.


Have confidence that every certified Supplier is making impact in communities across the country.

Become a fwd: thinking Buyer


“We are proud to have supported Ākina in setting up fwd:, a place where businesses can buy from social enterprises. We love knowing we are giving businesses the chance to buy from a business that is committed to making a difference. To kick this off we have already purchased from several social enterprises and where possible look forward to working with more!”

Matt Parsons,
Procurement Team Manager, NZ Post