A Supply Chain
for Change

Fwd is a new platform that enables social procurement. It's just like traditional procurement, only smarter. That's because you have the opportunity to spend the same dollar twice. Social procurement puts positive impact in your organisation's supply chain.

What is Fwd?

Fwd is growing the social procurement movement
New Zealand.

The Fwd platform connects organisations (Buyers) to social enterprises capable of delivering goods and services (Suppliers). By spending money this way, Buyers can deliver impact through their usual procurement process - effectively delivering greater value for every dollar spent. Smart, sustainable procurement.

Creating change across New Zealand

Working with some of Aotearoa’s largest decision-makers, Fwd is raising awareness of social procurement across New Zealand, creating an understanding of how it works in practice and telling the stories of impact that are created as a result.

Facilitating collective learning

Together, we are learning and growing what it means to redirect procurement spend for good. Fwd shares experiences to help navigate challenges and celebrate success.

Providing specialist advisory support

Beyond just the platform, the team behind Fwd have specialist skills and knowledge to guide and deliver social procurement successfully within your organisation.

Enabling data insights and reporting

The Fwd platform provides a lens on social procurement transactions and their outcomes so you can better tell your impact story.

Connecting those that are impact-driven

By fostering the right kind of connections, we’re creating the networks necessary to make this new concept of social procurement successful.